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…in the throes of life’s seemingly unforgiving storms we often struggle to see past our tunnel vision.

Stand against bullies

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life” –Winston Churchill I hesitated for a long while to write this post. I really really wanted to, but the truth is that I was ashamed. I have always been embarrassed to say that I was bullied.

Post traumatic stress disorder & fibromyalgia

There are so many pains that come with fibromyalgia, pun unintended. We are familiar with many of them and in my support groups we talk about them. Think migraines, crippling fatigue, cognitive difficulties, irritable bowel syndrome, jaw pain, dizzy spells, depression and anxiety and the list goes on. I never really associated post

Dreaded Holiday Depression

I write this with a heavy heart. It’s a difficult time of year for me. But I know I’m not alone. Every year many people suffer from depression during the holidays. It can affect anyone but moreso those who are vulnerable to depression. It can be a tough time if loved ones have been