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5 misconceptions about invisible disabilities

  The world of invisible disabilities is damn hard place to live in. Aside from being fraught with all the usual problems people with visible disabilities face, we have added issues that often centre on a lack of understanding and societal disbelief towards illness that can’t be seen. 86686

Talking mental health

Every year 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health illnesses, but are afraid to talk about them for fear of repercussions. Mind and Rethink Mental Illness want to change this by encouraging people to spend at least five minutes a day having conversations about mental health. In their Time to Talk Campaign, the

How sharing my story made a difference

Dad asked me how I could go for so long without eating and not feel hungry. I had to explain to him that major depression is such a gripping, enveloping illness, that the hollowness it causes inside you is greater than any hunger or emotion you could possibly feel.

Mistaking sadness for depression

"Mistaking sadness for depression is like confusing a pimple with cancer. People who are sad get over it, the biggest cause of suicide especially among men under 30 is depression; something you can't just shake off; the reason being is because it's too painful to be in a body that

Supporting suicidal loved ones

Something troubles me. I keep hearing of people who commit suicide but their loved ones don’t know why. Everyone conveys condolences. It must be hard on the family they say, yes. How will they carry on, pick up the pieces? I empathise. But no one is sure why? Why not? Is it just me or

Benefits to coming out on depression

“Be careful who you tell” some friends say, referring to my openness about living with clinical depression and anxiety, and sometimes fibromyalgia. I don’t give them wrong for the caution. I often think I am too open, and too trusting of this human race. But mostly, I am not sorry for my