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Trialling the N:rem system for better sleep

Perhaps this system’s biggest selling point is that it’s tailored to individual needs. The tablets can be shifted around in relation to one’s pain needs – a heaven-sent if one lives with an unpredictable chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia (fms)

Ten Must-Have FM Talks with your Partner

We can’t kid ourselves. Fibromyalgia is one of those complex conditions that can be really difficult to sum up adequately in a few lines and sometimes one conversation. Remember when you first had to explain to your loved ones what it is and the myriad of ways in which you suffer?

Sleepless Beauty & the Beast

The hands on the clock ticked away dutifully. The seconds turned to minutes, and the minutes turned to hours. Yet, I was still there squeezing my eyes shut like it would trick my body into falling asleep. Grrr... I’m exhausted and annoyed. No sleep, and I have work in the morning. It’s challenging enough

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