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Should we hide our scars?

Sometimes I notice the stares. Honestly, I’m not perturbed. But today, while talking to my best friend who is like a sister, something dawned on me. I was itching the scars scabbing on my hand, and J lovingly told me to stop itching them. The girl standing right next to us in the

Seeking courage

  Courage (noun) The ability to do something that frightens one; Strength in the face of pain or grief − Oxford Dictionary   Where does it come from? Everyone keeps saying not to give up, to keep trying, persevering... Why give up when one has fought so hard to reach this far? But my fuel tank is running

The scars I wear

  ‘What’s that?’ he asked, pointing to the long scars on my leg. They would usually be covered by clothing but on a day like today when the sun was out brilliantly, I donned a short dress. Damn it. ‘I’d rather not talk about it’ I replied. He didn’t ask again, though occasionally I could

Google this and that…

If at any time I was at risk of screaming publicly it was last week. I am not going crazy. Yet. But I have a thing, a bad thing, allergy or something to stupid people. Apologies. That should be people who repeatedly say nonsense, and with the kind of stubborn confidence. Forgive me. I

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