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Grief and fibromyalgia 2.0

This is a post about nothing really. I've been getting quieter and quieter. I know. And I'm sorry. Since Mama Claire left for the next life I haven't felt quite right.  87927

Hello depression my old friend…

My Aunty has died. For a moment all I could hear was white noise. And my world, which has been feeling more and more like an empty space, closing in on me these past months, has become even smaller.  I can't breathe.  I've lived with depression all my life.  But I'm used to

Worry Not

  On the way home from church on Sunday I got drenched in an unexpected shower. I was hastily walking over Waterloo Bridge when I had to stop and admire the magnificence of the place. I took this photograph to share with you - note the rainbow. I had to give thanks, even

The scars I wear

  ‘What’s that?’ he asked, pointing to the long scars on my leg. They would usually be covered by clothing but on a day like today when the sun was out brilliantly, I donned a short dress. Damn it. ‘I’d rather not talk about it’ I replied. He didn’t ask again, though occasionally I could

Mistaking sadness for depression

"Mistaking sadness for depression is like confusing a pimple with cancer. People who are sad get over it, the biggest cause of suicide especially among men under 30 is depression; something you can't just shake off; the reason being is because it's too painful to be in a body that


“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars” – Khalil Gibran Today I returned to this favourite meaningful quote. This was the most awful week. Depression threatening to swallow me up in her tsunami waves. I’m struggling to keep my head above the water. Being

The Real Me

…the true test that never fails, inarguably, is looking at how people make us feel. When you’re around someone who makes you feel like cow manure then stay away