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Trauma retriggered


Right now I do not know what tomorrow holds but I’ve made it till now. I’ve plastered up the cracks and glued together the broken bits. That is a victory. Till the next day.

Reasons to stay alive

Some of us I think are prone to revisiting the same dark places. Maybe down to past traumas that stay with us, genes that we inherit or God knows what is responsible. I don’t actually think thoughts of suicide are uncommon.

You are never alone

I’m saying all of this to say, two years ago I didn’t think I would still be here, but I am. I didn’t think I would have gotten out of that deep, dark hole, but I did. And I never believed that I could find the courage to face my uncertain future. But I have.

Talking mental health

Every year 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health illnesses, but are afraid to talk about them for fear of repercussions. Mind and Rethink Mental Illness want to change this by encouraging people to spend at least five minutes a day having conversations about mental health. In their Time to Talk Campaign, the

My first novel

Coming Soon  *** I wrote this post and published it with no content but then I thought I should explain one thing. Some of you may be wondering what publishing my first novel has to do with fibromyalgia and depression and the whole she bang. Well, everything. 2097

We Never Walk Alone

It’s been some of those weeks when, while encouraging people to hope, I’ve been simultaneously trying to convince myself. You know what I’m saying? When my Mama Claire gives the ‘we cannot give up’ talk, without fail she will say ‘we live in hope.’ And we do. At least, I try my best.