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Reasons to stay alive

Some of us I think are prone to revisiting the same dark places. Maybe down to past traumas that stay with us, genes that we inherit or God knows what is responsible. I don’t actually think thoughts of suicide are uncommon.


I feel like my insides are falling out. I'm sorry, this was supposed to be a happy post, but for the past four days I've had the most awful pain on the right side of my tummy. 87413

Going bra-less…because of fibromyalgia

I haven’t worn a bra in almost six months. I mean not at all. Not to work, not going out anywhere, not at all. “Wow! That’s quite liberal of you” my friend said, when I told her. I stopped to think. Though it might seem so, I actually haven’t resisted the bra

The status quo

Sorry I've been scarce. Promise I'll be back soon. Hope you're pressing ahead amidst life's storms.That's also tiring so make sure you try to get as much rest possible! Gentle Hugs :) x  

Medication Journeys

When it comes to medication and finding what works, each of us must embark on our own individual journeys. They will consist of highs and lows. And oh the lows can be disconcerting, particularly when we start out hopeful that we'll to gain the help we need to manage our conditions, only

My battle with Borderline Personality Disorder

Throughout my life I have grappled with a range of distressing issues that I somehow thought were unique to me. I struggled to make and keep friends, suffered tumultuous emotions as I went through various circumstances that included severe bullying, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, low self-image and never feeling happy

The little things that hurt

Ouch! my finger caught a splinter! I forgot how much these tiny buggers can hurt. I spent endless amounts of time poking at it trying to pull it out. I used baking soda, then hydrogen peroxide to try and draw it out. Eventually, it came out. My sore finger will be ok. But

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