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Live to hope

Dear Friend, I can see that you have lost hope. You have not been yourself lately. I see your tears, and I noticed that you no longer smile. I wanted to tell you that you’re not alone. Two years ago, when my brokenness and despair climbed to unimaginable heights I decided to end

Hope in faith…

Save us, please. Hosanna in the Highest. You are Mighty to save. You do not have to share my spiritual beliefs. This is my prayer. Even before setting foot in a church in my older years, as a child I knew God. He has been with me and I have argued continuously with Him: 'Why

Dealing with Depression

  Merry Christmas. I wish you a happy one, and all the joy this universe can offer you. The real joy that transcends material things, money, status and pride. This is a toughy that many people will grapple with understanding. Believe it or not, many people around the world will not