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Why you should have Epsom salts baths

My Mama Claire has never been wrong. Years ago when I was suffering terribly from severe pain in my feet and legs, she instructed me. "Run the water as hot as you can take it, pour a good bit of Epsom salts in there and soak in the tub" she said. In conjunction

Monstrous Migraines

There’s a wild party going on… in my head. And I’m not invited. And as every perturbed neighbour privy to unwelcoming noise reverberating from the house next door, I want it to stop. Right now. The throbbing is terrible and taunting, showing no sign of letting up. I’m usually subject to these disturbances on

Bang, bang…Fibromyalgia Kills

Doctors had always said that fibromyalgia isn’t going to kill us. They mean it’s not a terminal illness. Our muscles won’t degenerate, and we won’t (completely) go bonkers from our impacting cognitive impairments aka fibro fog. What they completely ignore is the fact that we are at increased risk of dying by