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Grief and fibromyalgia 2.0

This is a post about nothing really. I've been getting quieter and quieter. I know. And I'm sorry. Since Mama Claire left for the next life I haven't felt quite right.  87927

It’s ok not to be ok this Christmas

I get why people like Christmas. I really do. People celebrate family, love, and togetherness. It's supposedly the 'happiest time of the year.' But for many people, Christmas can be a difficult time. An emotional roller-coaster that takes off whether or not we want it to. The media inundates us with images of

One step at a time…carry on

This week I did alot of things I didn't think I could manage. I got out of bed. I showered. I combed my hair. And I went to work. I smiled and meant it. No matter how many times one has confronted that black fog, when one has to get with the business of carrying