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I was robbed eight nights ago. The incident opened up a deluge of emotions I'd tucked safely away where I couldn't access them. 87284

Coping with IBS

Changes between seasons seem particularly difficult for us fibromyalgia patients. Not just with pain, other symptoms seem to flare up including IBS. I wanted to share a list of things I do to manage my IBS. Hope this helps. Colpermin or any brand of peppermint capsules I find useful for reducing severe bloating

I’m cold…no, wait, I’m hot…

My body temperature has gone all coo-coo. You know what I mean. Nevermind it's winter, by the time I get into the office, I'm sweating like I've just returned from a run. It usually doesn't last too long, and before you know it, I'm too cold...or worse, my hands and feet

Seven things…

Recently, my days have been marred by emotional lows, exacerbated by extremely high exhaustion levels, severe IBS (that I will not talk about) and some inconsiderate people. But I’ve found some things that work really well to perk me up. I thought I’d share them with you. Here they are

Ten Must-Have FM Talks with your Partner

We can’t kid ourselves. Fibromyalgia is one of those complex conditions that can be really difficult to sum up adequately in a few lines and sometimes one conversation. Remember when you first had to explain to your loved ones what it is and the myriad of ways in which you suffer?