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I was robbed eight nights ago. The incident opened up a deluge of emotions I'd tucked safely away where I couldn't access them. 87284

Time out

Dear Friend, I'm sorry I've not written in a while. I've been busy trying to survive with fibromyalgia (you know, eat, sleep, work, repeat). 87209

Finding comfy, classy shoes with fibromyalgia…or not!

I’ll be upfront with you. I’m not 100% sure if it’s because of fibromyalgia or because I have ogre feet. But finding pretty, comfortable shoes is a pain for me. A real, real pain. Literally. Today I wore my shiny new shoes to work for my new job. New job=new shoes, right?

Going bra-less…because of fibromyalgia

I haven’t worn a bra in almost six months. I mean not at all. Not to work, not going out anywhere, not at all. “Wow! That’s quite liberal of you” my friend said, when I told her. I stopped to think. Though it might seem so, I actually haven’t resisted the bra

Trialling the N:rem system for better sleep

Perhaps this system’s biggest selling point is that it’s tailored to individual needs. The tablets can be shifted around in relation to one’s pain needs – a heaven-sent if one lives with an unpredictable chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia (fms)

5 misconceptions about invisible disabilities

  The world of invisible disabilities is damn hard place to live in. Aside from being fraught with all the usual problems people with visible disabilities face, we have added issues that often centre on a lack of understanding and societal disbelief towards illness that can’t be seen. 86686

Hiding hidden disabilities

I’d just rushed into the lift with a heavy sigh. Yes! (I wanted to do a fist-pump). No climbing three flights of stairs, otherwise known as Mount Kilimanjaro if like me you live with a painful chronic condition like fibromyalgia. 86677


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