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73 ways to live with fibromyalgia

From medicines to natural remedies to ways of being, here are 73 of the ways I live with fibromyalgia.  Forget surviving. We're talking living. Starting off in good order but then frantically mixed up in no particular order (thank you fibro frog fog). 87168

The power of letting go

This blog is about surmounting fibromyalgia and mental illness. Inevitably, I had to get around to talking about forgiveness. I wasn't surprised that Google records 5 million searches a month for the phrase 'how to let go.' People are hurting and they want to heal and move on, but can't seem to. You

Dare to dream

“And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up” – Stephen Hawking, April 2015 I've always admired Stephen Hawking. His story is a powerful one. It is one of courage and perseverance.  Speaking at the Sydney Opera

Why you should have Epsom salts baths

My Mama Claire has never been wrong. Years ago when I was suffering terribly from severe pain in my feet and legs, she instructed me. "Run the water as hot as you can take it, pour a good bit of Epsom salts in there and soak in the tub" she said. In conjunction

Renewed Hope

Easter is my favourite time of year. When I was growing up, we followed certain traditions. My family turned the house upside down and cleaned everything under the watchful eyes of my Ma, who instructed which new curtains should go up. New bed sheets, wares, vinyls on the kitchen floor... The entire