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Finding comfy, classy shoes with fibromyalgia…or not!

I’ll be upfront with you. I’m not 100% sure if it’s because of fibromyalgia or because I have ogre feet. But finding pretty, comfortable shoes is a pain for me. A real, real pain. Literally. Today I wore my shiny new shoes to work for my new job. New job=new shoes, right?


I had my skepticism about therapy. It remains, mostly as the sessions unravel. And not just psychodynamic therapy. But group pyschodynamic therapy. (Forgive me if I spell one of the 'therapies' wrongly. It is going on day three or so without sleep and the fibro fog is properly clogging my brains.) Anyway, I was just

So soo tired…

I’m so sorry that lately my blog posts have been fewer and fewer. I’ve been soo knackered. You know, the fatigue of fibromyalgia. While some struggle more with the pain, the chronic exhaustion is my worse symptom. Then of course the insomnia doesn’t help that. No wonder my brains have been acting

Fogged up by the Fibro fog

I’ve been feeling quite froggy foggy lately. More than usual I mean. Fibro fog is real. More and more, I realise the daily effects on my life are as impacting as the pain or debilitating exhaustion. In the past, I've tried to see the funny side of fibro fog, or brain fog as some

Broken but not out

I feel broken. I am broken but still I carry on. A direct consequence of this brokenness is that I am self critical, rarely happy with myself or my own efforts. I recognise this quality in many other people I meet with fibromyalgia and depression. The problem with fibromyalgia is it makes me

The Dizzying World of Fibromyalgia

I was stumbling my way home from work, grappling with the vacillating world around me, my head high as a kite. I wasn’t drunk. Life can be so unsteady with fibromyalgia. Like me, most fibromyalgia sufferers struggle with dizziness. The degree of it might vary on the severity of one’s fm. Compared

Christmas with the Invisible F

Imagine if Santa had fibromyalgia. No seriously. Just try to imagine it. What would happen? Here’s my conservative guess: ● The presents would more than likely be late. ● He’d probably forget some of our pressies or mix them up and not even realise due to fibro fog. ● He’d miss some houses because he’d