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Overcomers (Carole Griffitts) – “I can face today”

At a point in Carole Griffitt’s life, she thought she could no longer face tomorrow. She was 31 when a work related back injury triggered the downward spiral that went on for 40 years. But Carole learnt that she didn’t have to become the diagnoses that changed her life.  She said to herself then, “I can face today.” And she’s never looked back.

Shut down by the Fibromyalgia monster

“Are you alright Alisha?” I heard the voice in the distance ask. After what seemed like a long few seconds I was able to lift my bopping head and respond. “I am ok thanks, I just need to let it pass, it will pass” I said. Really trying to reassure myself. Fibromyalgia was doing

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas :) I promise I'm not being a Grinch. Christmas is just a tough time of year for me, as it is for many people who live with depression. From talking to friends and support group members, many people experience an increase of depression related symptoms this time of year. 12711

Chasing dreams

I am a dreamer. A dream chaser.  I chase them without ceasing. But dear God I am weary. For everytime I think I am closer to snatching up that dream, to making it happen, it eludes me once again. It is not easy with fibromyalgia. I am in pain, and my mind is

So soo tired…

I’m so sorry that lately my blog posts have been fewer and fewer. I’ve been soo knackered. You know, the fatigue of fibromyalgia. While some struggle more with the pain, the chronic exhaustion is my worse symptom. Then of course the insomnia doesn’t help that. No wonder my brains have been acting

Ramblings on a fibromyalgia flare

I may need a walking stick, again. I am not happy about this but some days the pain in my feet is unbearable. Whenever I get caught off guard by the fiery stabs striking my feet I risk falling over. Living with an invisible illness is hard as it is. My visually