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Renewed Hope

Easter is my favourite time of year. When I was growing up, we followed certain traditions. My family turned the house upside down and cleaned everything under the watchful eyes of my Ma, who instructed which new curtains should go up. New bed sheets, wares, vinyls on the kitchen floor... The entire

Just hope…

  Sometimes we're not always sure why we bother to hope against the darkness. We cannot see ahead as we feel our hands about, walking aimlessly in the pitch black, yet seeking. It is called blind faith. Believing in the absence of proof. This is faith. I am in short supply of optimism, but faith and

Ramblings on a fibromyalgia flare

I may need a walking stick, again. I am not happy about this but some days the pain in my feet is unbearable. Whenever I get caught off guard by the fiery stabs striking my feet I risk falling over. Living with an invisible illness is hard as it is. My visually

Hope in faith…

Save us, please. Hosanna in the Highest. You are Mighty to save. You do not have to share my spiritual beliefs. This is my prayer. Even before setting foot in a church in my older years, as a child I knew God. He has been with me and I have argued continuously with Him: 'Why