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The status quo

Sorry I've been scarce. Promise I'll be back soon. Hope you're pressing ahead amidst life's storms.That's also tiring so make sure you try to get as much rest possible! Gentle Hugs :) x  

Why you should have Epsom salts baths

My Mama Claire has never been wrong. Years ago when I was suffering terribly from severe pain in my feet and legs, she instructed me. "Run the water as hot as you can take it, pour a good bit of Epsom salts in there and soak in the tub" she said. In conjunction

The cycles in fibromyalgia

I sometimes feel like fibromyalgia can throw us into some destructive cycles. Take for instance the issue with weight gain facing many of us. A lot of the medications that we use to manage this chronic condition cause us to gain weight. Weight gain can also be attributed to lack of exercise due

Shut down by the Fibromyalgia monster

“Are you alright Alisha?” I heard the voice in the distance ask. After what seemed like a long few seconds I was able to lift my bopping head and respond. “I am ok thanks, I just need to let it pass, it will pass” I said. Really trying to reassure myself. Fibromyalgia was doing

The Will to …

In early December I will self publish my first novel.  I'm still quite busy preparing for that, though it's a pretty small affair. I've been thinking about it. The whole thing. First, I didn't think it would actually happen with all the health and life challenges. I mean, I was writing things and then

Taking back dreams

Some days it’s hard not to feel as though fibromyalgia is pulling your dreams further and further away from you.Fibromyalgia (fm) can make chores of many things.For some patients the pain is worse than the exhaustion, while for others like me it’s the other way around. Then there are days

Six Common Fibromyalgia Myths

WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS TRUE? (A) NESSIE IS REAL (B) FIBROMYALGIA IS REAL * Alarming doesn't quite sum up some of the myths  people have about fibromyalgia - a condition that affects possibly 3-6 % of the world's population. I assure you, it is real. The pain is real. The debilitating chronic exhaustion is

Christmas with the Invisible F

Imagine if Santa had fibromyalgia. No seriously. Just try to imagine it. What would happen? Here’s my conservative guess: ● The presents would more than likely be late. ● He’d probably forget some of our pressies or mix them up and not even realise due to fibro fog. ● He’d miss some houses because he’d