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Taking back dreams

Some days it’s hard not to feel as though fibromyalgia is pulling your dreams further and further away from you.Fibromyalgia (fm) can make chores of many things.For some patients the pain is worse than the exhaustion, while for others like me it’s the other way around. Then there are days

The Dizzying World of Fibromyalgia

I was stumbling my way home from work, grappling with the vacillating world around me, my head high as a kite. I wasn’t drunk. Life can be so unsteady with fibromyalgia. Like me, most fibromyalgia sufferers struggle with dizziness. The degree of it might vary on the severity of one’s fm. Compared

Monstrous Migraines

There’s a wild party going on… in my head. And I’m not invited. And as every perturbed neighbour privy to unwelcoming noise reverberating from the house next door, I want it to stop. Right now. The throbbing is terrible and taunting, showing no sign of letting up. I’m usually subject to these disturbances on