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The messy side of mental health problems : what the media & campaigns don’t show

I was surprised to find myself largely neutral to the widespread mental health campaigns being run to raise awareness. I’ve seen many of these, encouraging people to talk about mental health and problems like depression and anxiety. Awareness is good, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen media coverage featuring stories of

Hello depression my old friend…

My Aunty has died. For a moment all I could hear was white noise. And my world, which has been feeling more and more like an empty space, closing in on me these past months, has become even smaller.  I can't breathe.  I've lived with depression all my life.  But I'm used to

Promises that must  be kept

Right now I am thinking about the unconventional therapist who first, offered me her pot of yellow roses, then insisted on her beautiful cactus. "You have to bring them back to me," she said, "you have to promise," and I cannot forget the look in her eyes. Humans. Bizarre, intriguing and beautifully

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