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The status quo

Sorry I've been scarce. Promise I'll be back soon. Hope you're pressing ahead amidst life's storms.That's also tiring so make sure you try to get as much rest possible! Gentle Hugs :) x  

Worry Not

  On the way home from church on Sunday I got drenched in an unexpected shower. I was hastily walking over Waterloo Bridge when I had to stop and admire the magnificence of the place. I took this photograph to share with you - note the rainbow. I had to give thanks, even

Are We All Depressed?

Depression is still so taboo in many societies, considered imagined, feigned or self-inflicted. Those who suffer from it often live stigmatised, ashamed, misunderstood, and/or often unsupported. Just the kind of thing that upsets me. So I was surprised when I found myself pondering on a most curious question. Are we all depressed?

The Meaning of Suffering

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering – Friedrich Nietzsche My own life has been riddled with it. As yours has been I’m sure. Not the kind glamourised on TV or the kind we become impervious to despite the prevalence of posters with

Ten Things that help Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia continues to baffle doctors and researchers, and we the sufferers are still discovering more about it as we live it daily. As research into this debilitating condition continues it’s imperative that we share with eachother whatever little that we learn. We know that it is not a degenerative condition BUT

Google this and that…

If at any time I was at risk of screaming publicly it was last week. I am not going crazy. Yet. But I have a thing, a bad thing, allergy or something to stupid people. Apologies. That should be people who repeatedly say nonsense, and with the kind of stubborn confidence. Forgive me. I

Pretending Yourself Better

It was a most intriguing conversation among friends, and at the heart of it, an equally intriguing question – can you pretend yourself better? We were talking about it in the context of depression. One friend mentioned that to a certain extent she could fool herself into feeling better than she really

A Helping Hand

Support and love at home, work and in the community is very important too, but oftentimes getting people to understand depression can be tricky and complicated, sometimes reinforcing the depth of isolation one feels.

Forgetting Fibromyalgia

Trudging through the day with fibromyalgia is laborious work. Don’t be fooled. Many sufferers might make it look all easy peasy because we don’t appear sick physically. The reality is, aside from having to bear through physical pain and symptoms, many fibromyalgia sufferers also grapple with depression and anxiety. It’s like a vicious,