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Chasing dreams

I am a dreamer. A dream chaser.  I chase them without ceasing. But dear God I am weary. For everytime I think I am closer to snatching up that dream, to making it happen, it eludes me once again. It is not easy with fibromyalgia. I am in pain, and my mind is

Fogged up by the Fibro fog

I’ve been feeling quite froggy foggy lately. More than usual I mean. Fibro fog is real. More and more, I realise the daily effects on my life are as impacting as the pain or debilitating exhaustion. In the past, I've tried to see the funny side of fibro fog, or brain fog as some

The Dark Side

‘Welcome to the dark side’ is what my friend at work (right behind me) says to me when I pop around her ‘side’ of the office, demarcated only by a glass wall. It’s a joke of course but what Lucy doesn’t know is that I already live on the dark side. Living

Bang, bang…Fibromyalgia Kills

Doctors had always said that fibromyalgia isn’t going to kill us. They mean it’s not a terminal illness. Our muscles won’t degenerate, and we won’t (completely) go bonkers from our impacting cognitive impairments aka fibro fog. What they completely ignore is the fact that we are at increased risk of dying by