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You are never alone

I’m saying all of this to say, two years ago I didn’t think I would still be here, but I am. I didn’t think I would have gotten out of that deep, dark hole, but I did. And I never believed that I could find the courage to face my uncertain future. But I have.

One step at a time…carry on

This week I did alot of things I didn't think I could manage. I got out of bed. I showered. I combed my hair. And I went to work. I smiled and meant it. No matter how many times one has confronted that black fog, when one has to get with the business of carrying

Should we hide our scars?

Sometimes I notice the stares. Honestly, I’m not perturbed. But today, while talking to my best friend who is like a sister, something dawned on me. I was itching the scars scabbing on my hand, and J lovingly told me to stop itching them. The girl standing right next to us in the

Seeking courage

  Courage (noun) The ability to do something that frightens one; Strength in the face of pain or grief − Oxford Dictionary   Where does it come from? Everyone keeps saying not to give up, to keep trying, persevering... Why give up when one has fought so hard to reach this far? But my fuel tank is running

Fundraising to self publish my novel

As you know I've written my first fantasy novel and I've decided to self publish it. After losing my job, self funding the project has been on hold and I thought I'd have a shot at crowd sourcing the funds on Kickstarter. Your support would mean alot and that can be

Don’t dream it’s over

These days few things can touch my soul. Torn between numbness and complete mental and emotional exhaustion, some moments I feel the waging war against depression is drawing to an expected end. From childhood, I’ve persisted till now through bullying, abuse of all kinds, and psychological torment. As it follows, some consequences

How sharing my story made a difference

Dad asked me how I could go for so long without eating and not feel hungry. I had to explain to him that major depression is such a gripping, enveloping illness, that the hollowness it causes inside you is greater than any hunger or emotion you could possibly feel.