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‘Dear Unbeliever’ :what I would say to the fibromyalgia doubters

In the immediate years following my diagnosis with fibromyalgia (fms) I struggled tremendously with people’s disbelief and confusion over my pain. That people couldn’t comprehend that a person could look perfectly well on the outside while going through a raging storm of pain, incredible exhaustion and other symptoms baffled me. The lack

So soo tired…

I’m so sorry that lately my blog posts have been fewer and fewer. I’ve been soo knackered. You know, the fatigue of fibromyalgia. While some struggle more with the pain, the chronic exhaustion is my worse symptom. Then of course the insomnia doesn’t help that. No wonder my brains have been acting

Ramblings on a fibromyalgia flare

I may need a walking stick, again. I am not happy about this but some days the pain in my feet is unbearable. Whenever I get caught off guard by the fiery stabs striking my feet I risk falling over. Living with an invisible illness is hard as it is. My visually

The Dark Side

‘Welcome to the dark side’ is what my friend at work (right behind me) says to me when I pop around her ‘side’ of the office, demarcated only by a glass wall. It’s a joke of course but what Lucy doesn’t know is that I already live on the dark side. Living