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Living for others

     Only a life lived for others is worth living – Albert Einstein   In our own struggles we can sometimes forget others. It’s a human thing. But to remember others while we are in the midst of storms, makes life worth living. Sometimes we might think we have nothing to give, but that’s not

Results Depict Depression Art Competition

The wait is over! The results for my Depict Depression fundraiser Art Competition are out! 1st PLACE – Georgina Henshaw 2nd PLACE – Llinos Thomas 3rd PLACE – Margaret Whittaker 4th PLACE – Caroline B. Congratulations to all our winners – thank you for giving of your time, effort and money (donations) to a worthy

Depression Awareness Week

It's officially Depression Awareness Week and I want to ask you to take time to either learn a little bit about this illness, or help raise awareness. For a very common illness which will affect 1 in 5 people at some point in their lives 1. there are still ALOT of