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Living for others

     Only a life lived for others is worth living – Albert Einstein   In our own struggles we can sometimes forget others. It’s a human thing. But to remember others while we are in the midst of storms, makes life worth living. Sometimes we might think we have nothing to give, but that’s not

A Miracle for my breakdown

I'd been crying out in pain to Him that very night, 'Are you hearing me?,' when elsewhere, unknown to me an extraordinary thing happened. God brought my grandmum back from the grave to take care of me, to continue to help me to live. (Even if you do not share my

Lessons from Les Mis

I’d been to cinema three times to see Hollywood’s production of Les Miserables, Victor Hugo’s tale of several interconnecting lives, including an ex-convict’s search for redemption and a generation’s pursuit of happier times amid political turmoil. It inspires me every time. I’ve heard complaints of how melancholy the story is.