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Never forget – World Suicide Prevention Day

*Warning* this post may contain triggers. It was three years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. The year I persistently tried to end my life. I always say, it’s strange the things one remembers. I live with fibromyalgia which causes a range of cognitive impairments including problems remembering. I forget

“I want someone normal” he said, “without mental health issues”

A ‘wink’ had come in from a popular dating website. For the uninitiated in online dating, this is an indication of interest from someone. I clicked on the profile and within seconds of reading, found myself perturbed. Dating websites can upset people for all sorts of reasons, but this was the first

Writing for depression

How writing helped me through a bad depressive episode. Every one of us who has suffered from depression, particularly severe depression has something in their lives that keeps them going when they’ve run out of steam and they don’t know why anymore. Many people I’ve met in support groups have someone, usually a

Keep fighting

If you want to win, the will can never retire - Muhammad Ali Every day, people living with depression, and other mental illnesses fight battles in their heads. I know because I am counted among them. We don't always win, but each new day presents another chance for us to work towards overcoming. Some


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