IMG_2556Hey there! my name is Alisha. I hold an MA in International Journalism from the University of Westminster, London.

I love parrots, singing, sharing stories, fantasy movies, games and books, and people who like fantasy movies, games and books.

I live with a number of chronic health conditions including fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, & complex post-traumatic stress disorder, and for much of my life have suffered from debilitating symptoms. I want to raise awareness to help people understand but moreso to share and engage with all those whose lives are touched by fibromyalgia and mental health problems in one way or another, so they know they’re not alone.

A journalist by background, a storyteller at heart. Writing fictional stories (fantasy is my favourite genre) have been key in my own journey, recovery and healing and I want my stories to give hope to others too. I’ve also published a book on how to kick fibromyalgia in the backside. Click here for information on my published works.

Click here if you’d like to check out my old blog where I mused about random stuff.

Email me at  or use the form below. You can get in touch if you want to find out about working with me or you can visit this page. You can also email me if you need a media kit or information on advertisement, sponsored posts or would like me to speak at your event.

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    1. I’m a twenty-something as well who has experienced similar issues. Please feel free to check out my blog, I’ve made it with a mission to help others feel not so alone!

      1. Thanks so much for visiting and for you feedback, it’s really encouraging and I’m gonna have a look at your blog right now! we need to support eachother and uplift eachother, we are stronger that way:) x

    2. Hi! Well, you are third in my list of guest bloggers! You expressed interest in writing a post about Complex PTSD, do you think you could have your post ready by next Sunday? I’d need to have it Saturday night at the latest. You can email it to me at I’m really looking forward to reading it and posting it on my blog. Of course if you have changed your mind, I understand, just let me know that too. Have a great week!

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