The chronic life….

The chronic illness life is the gift that just keeps on giving. And giving. And givvvvvvingggggg….

You get the point.

Following my ongoing adventures trying to sort my digestive issues and lifelong chest pains, I am now on a three month rotation of antibiotics for an overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestines (SIBO). I did do a course of antibiotics earlier in the year and that didn’t help. This is not including the two courses I took in June after two consecutive bacterial throat and chest infections.

This chronic life is exhausting.

Quick recap: So far I’ve done a slew on tests including breath tests, barium swallow, endoscopies and biopsies, manometry tests, and 96-hour PH monitoring tests which have so far pointed to more than I expected:

  1. An overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestines
  2. Oesophageal dismotility (meaning that food struggles to travel freely through my oesophagus into my stomach)
  3. A malfunctioning stomach valve which likely needs surgical repair. 

In early September I have to repeat March’s 96-hour PH monitoring test, after the capsule attached to my stomach wall dislodged on day two.They said there would be discomfort BUT it was downright painful. For weeks. You can imagine my excitement.

Some good news. Before I finish my current antibiotics and do the next procedure my friends are hosting an event to celebrate the publication of my novel Wild Child. I don’t write about that here because it’s not fibro or directly chronic health related, but it’s something nice happening in between all the madness. In a way it is health related, because it’s keeping me sane!

Tell me something good happening with you, and anything else you’d like! Miss you guys. Will try to write more often.

Gentle hugs…Love Alisha x

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