How painting mindfully is helping me to cope during tough times

*I received a paint by numbers kit in exchange for an honest review*

Last week, on the morning of my 35th birthday, my beloved grandmum who raised me had a stroke.

The devastating news has been crippling. I had already been struggling, as many people through the imposed coronavirus lockdown. Ongoing flare ups of fibromyalgia pain, not being able to see my grandparents, and a family death plunged my mood further into the depths. 

I had been trying to find something, anything to help me relax, and distract myself, and all my usual favourites failed. I’ve struggled to concentrate to read, write, and even cook, which normally helps.

You might understand my surprise then, when I found painting by numbers quite therapeutic.

The kit

I had received a customised kit from Winnie’s Picks — the subject, a photo of me and my bestie Carolyn, on what was a laughter-filled day, in Glasgow, in somewhat happier times.

The truth is I didn’t think I’d have the motivation to start, let alone finish the piece (my last paint by numbers set I’d bought is still stored away in a box somewhere). And, I’m no artist.

But in the following days as I struggled to switch off the steady stream of thoughts flooding my head, I turned the volume up on Six Pence None the Richer’s Ultimate Collection, sipped on a cold gin and ginger beer, and dipped a paintbrush into the paints.

I didn’t notice it at first, but before I knew it hours had passed and I was still there, in the moment, concentrating on painting between the lines, the feel of the brush strokes, and the texture of the colours colliding on the canvas,  in what felt like very still moments, that quieted my mind.

Yesterday, after some more hours of doing this, I stopped suddenly in marvel, as I saw the piece starting to take shape.

And I smiled. Genuinely.

I can’t wait to show Carolyn, and now I am trying to slow down so I can savour the time painting even more (I’ll share the final image when I’m proper;y finished).

The quality of paints are exceptional compared to the previous kit I’d bought elsewhere, and I’ve found the exercise useful as art therapy, centering me and keeping me in the moment, mindfully.

I’d not only recommend it, but I felt there was something more special about painting an image of a memory that made me happy. It reminded me of happier times, and offered a flicker of hope, of more to come.


You can check them out if you like, and even get 10 percent off your first order with this special code ALISHA10

Hope you’re keeping well and safe.

Gentle hugs xx

Sill some way to go with painting
The photo









4 Replies to “How painting mindfully is helping me to cope during tough times”

  1. Wow! I love the way the painting is coming along, and I’m glad you’re finding a quietness and peace in painting. I’m so very sorry about your grandmum. How devastating for you. please know I will be thinking of you and sending gentle hugs.

    1. Thanks so much Deb, really appreciate it. How are you managing with everything going on? Hope you’re well and safe x Gentle hugs x

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