How to make an easy immune boosting, pain fighting juice

I will admit – I don’t like having to clean up after juicing, but the benefits are totally worth the effort.

It’s how I get my daily oomph. Kinda like magic in a bottle. Except it’s not magic, and it’s so simple to do. I am super thankful for the opportunity to juice fresh fruit and vegetables to help keep my body and mind going strong while helping me with physical pain.

Why juice?

I often think I can get away without doing it but I always notice that when I stop I experience more debilitating fatigue and overall exacerbation of certain symptoms, like muscle pains. When I stop consuming my fresh juices, I also tend to pick up viruses going around too. Overall, my skin and my hair do much better as well.

Juicing fresh fruit and veg is definitely one of the top three things that I have found helpful in managing fibromyalgia and improving my symptoms. Share on X

It helps me to keep working full-time and pushing ahead, despite the debilitating symptoms we experience.

Initially I was trying to juice lots of fruit and veg, which was too expensive and time-consuming. But now I’ve found a cheaper, easier way of having it all!

The great thing about this is you can switch it up and use different fruit and veg, but the essential bit you always need is a sizeable piece of ginger root. When I can find it, turmeric root is a must too. Both ginger and turmeric roots have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why they’ve been found to help people improve their pain levels.

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Ginger also helps with digestion, relieves bloating (a big help for irritable bowel syndrome which many of us struggle with) and nausea and dizziness, which I also experience.

What you’ll need:

A juicer

1 bag of apples

2 large pieces of ginger

A handful of turmeric roots

2 cucumbers

1 peeled lemon

Chop all ingredients roughly (leave skin on) and pass through juicer. It will be very concentrated, so you can add a cup of filtered water to dilute it a bit.

Store in mini bottles that you can take on the go. Drink a bit every morning.

And just like that, you too can have oomph in a bottle, ready to help you with your day!


  • Freeze a bottle for those weeks when you’re not able to juice.
  • Instead of apples, another time try kale or spinach. Oranges are great too.


I’ve been asked before. Powdered ginger and turmeric are better than nothing but to experience the full benefits you will need to use fresh ginger and turmeric root. 

Gentle hugs x

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  1. Well done Alisha. You have inspired me to have more focus. I’ve been putting off the juicing thing. But your article has inspired me. Thanks.

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