Review: TheraSpecs eyewear for light sensitivity & migraines (Sponsored post)

*I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company*

When a migraine strikes, it can plague me for as much as five days. Unfortunately for me, light sensitivity is perhaps my biggest trigger.

For this reason, I was keen to try out the TheraSpecs eyewear, which is presented as a solution for migraines and light-sensitivity.

I spend at least 10 hours a day on the computer – 8 at work on a pc, the other 2 at home on my laptop. Unfortunately, for many people like myself, the light from computers and other sources can cause extreme discomfort and other symptoms including migraines. This is called photophobia, or light sensitivity and is associated with numerous conditions including fibromyalgia, which is already known for causing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome in many patients. Perhaps my biggest trigger is florescent light and light from pc screens. These can trigger horrendous migraines, which in some cases for me, don’t let up for several days keeping me in bed with an awful ‘hangover’ type feeling once they’ve ended.

At work, I’ve adjusted my screen brightness significantly, and at home, I switch off my room lights, working with the aid of a lamp alone. This has helped but I still struggle a great deal when using my laptop or I have to go into rooms with bright lights.



I received the Indoor Classic TheraSpecs eyewear and immediately got to testing them. I was pleased to find that they fit properly and just in case they didn’t, they came with instructions for how I could safely bend them to shape to sit comfortably on my nose.

To help me evaluate whether or not Theraspecs worked for me, I wanted to find out the company’s claims on what the product offers.

Among its claims, TheraSpecs says its eyewear:

“Reduces migraine attack frequency by 74%

Bring relief to almost 90% of people who try them

Offer therapeutic relief without side effects or risk of medication overuse headache”

How do they work?


TheraSpecs eyewear work by using colour-tinted lenses that filter problem wavelengths of light. These wavelengths of blue-green light come from everything from fluorescents to computer screens to the sunlight and are known for causing headaches, migraines and eyestrain among other things.

What does research say?

If like me, you’re a bit of a skeptic, you’re probably also wondering what research says about colour-tinted lenses in alleviating photo-sensitivity and ultimately migraines.

Migraines affect one in seven people in seven people in the UK. For 32-40% of migraineurs, light sensitivity is closely linked to the condition, as a trigger.

  • Research from Kings College Hospital, London has shown that migraineurs are specifically sensitive to the red and blue parts of the spectrum.
  • The same research found that 90% of volunteers experienced a reduction in headache intensity and 60% a reduction in frequency and duration of headache when trialling tinted lenses.
  • The University of Utah suggests that specially tinted lenses may help some people with photophobia.
  • Researchers say regular tinted glasses (sunglasses) don’t offer the same protection.


The moment I put the frames on, I felt noticeable relief as some of the strain was taken off my eyes. I wore them all evening while working on my laptop, then took them off briefly to rub my eyes. Taking them off really helped me to see what a difference they made. As I took them off, the laptop light was a shock to my eyes and I immediately had to turn away. For over 40 days I tested the eyewear while indoors and I noted a reduction in the frequency and intensity in most of the migraines I experienced.

If you’re wondering whether simply wearing dark sunglasses indoors will do the trick (as I have), turns out they won’t. Doctors say that while sunglasses are helpful outdoors, wearing them indoors may actually increase one’s light sensitivity, thereby worsening the problem.

Overall, I was very pleased with the product’s effectiveness in reducing my photo-sensitivity and ultimately migraines. TheraSpecs scored points in a number of other areas too: The frames are fashionable which is always encouraging (I’m not friendly with specs and won’t wear them if I don’t like them); they’re comfortable, customisable and can be made with any prescription, using any frame. The company offers a range of frames for children and adults that are durable and lightweight, and filter light from the sides as well without blocking peripheral vision.

I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who struggles with photo-sensitivity and light-triggered migraines.

I suppose another thing I found appealing and credible about TheraSpecs eyewear is the company backstory. The company was created by Hart Shafer who had been looking for a solution to his wife Kerrie’s light-induced migraine attacks.

Have you tried TheraSpecs eyewear? Did they work for you? What did you think of them?

Gentle Hugs 🙂

4 Replies to “Review: TheraSpecs eyewear for light sensitivity & migraines (Sponsored post)”

  1. Maybe I should try them too, along with my husband. He has photosensitivity due to Traumatic Brain Injury Syndrome and I have Fibromyalgia! How much do they cost?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you and your hubs live with this too Wendy! I’d say they’re definitely worth a try. Cost depends on the frames you choose. The one I got cost £99.00
      Alot I know but in the grand scheme of things are an investment and also cheaper than other alternatives. When I had to get glasses for using the pc at work for the same reason, the digital lenses alone cost £201!

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