Hello hospital, courtesy your lettings agency

IMG_3670Sadly, annoyingly since my last post on the ridiculously high cost of rent for deplorable living conditions in London, I have had to go to hospital.

Turns out I have bronchitis, sinusitis and a fever. No wonder I feel like crap. I mean, I feel like crap most days thanks to fibromyalgia, but this is an exaggerated kinda crap. My head is so heavy and my body is so weak. Think fibromyalgia magnified. It’s been weeks of trying to fight this off at the height of winter, with a broken window & no heating.

Today I juiced a glass full of spinach, carrots, celery, apples with some extra ginger and lemon; had some honey and lemon and told myself I’d be alright. But even with doing all we can to manage our chronic health problems, sometimes it’s simply out of our hands when external factors work against us.

Don’t matter that I eat healthy, juice fruit & veg, consume lots of ginger and healthy foods daily, when the cold draft has been hitting my head since I moved in.

By early afternoon, I could barely walk straight as the room swayed around me. On the phone, the doctor was consumed on hearing my rattling cough, and sent me stright off to hospital. The doctor there was most empathetic too and shocked at my living conditions which led to this decline in my health.

The plight

“Why don’t you just move?” he asked. I had to explain the unfortunate cycles of rent here. A deposit & rent advance will cost £1000+. Unless you’re well off, moving months apart is virtually impossible and not affordable.

I will of course forward my medical notes to the lettings agency that’s failed to repair the broken window in my room, letting the cold wind in every night. They never respond, but as always I will email and post a hard copy to them.

This is the unfortunate plight of tenants in London, who must rent from unscrupulous lettings agencies and landlords. They expect us to fork out every last pence for appalling living conditions and virtually no service. In other words, we pay them to sit on their backsides all day, while our health suffer.

I’m a little bit worried as we are expecting another cold snap next week in London

I’m too exhausted to be mad. However hope dwindles, there is always a little smidgeon of it lingering on that even the longest rope has an end.

Now, back to my bucketload of medication and Vicks Vapour Rub.

Hope you’re well, and fighting on.

Gentle hugs 🙂


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    1. Thanks so much Linda. It’s amazing that I was pushing myself all week through feeling like this..now I barely have the energy to walk. Coughing is terrible all night. Not having fun 🙁 x

  1. This is crazy… here I am, on the other side of the world, and I think I have bronchitis. I have been coughing some for a few days, but I thought it was just my spring time allergies. Now, the cough is deep in my chest, my chest is rattling with congestion, I feel terrible all over, and I am losing my voice.

    If I lived near you and had just come from taking you a bowl of hot soup, I would think I had caught your illness!

    1. OMG Linda! that’s funny (in a not so funny way! lol) I cyber-infected you! 😀 but seriously Im so sorry you are ill! will you go to the doctor? I didnt even know what the symptoms of bronchitis are until I went to hospital. I might have had it, who knows how long? LAst night when I juiced my fruit and veg, I threw a garlic in there, with extra ginger. Drank this morning. My breath still smells! :S but my throat is feeling a little better. Hugs and love, feel better soon- wrap up warm and make yourself some ginger tea! 🙂 and plan a trip to your doc! x

      1. Thank you! I am a bit better today. I have not seen my doctor, but will if I am not right by the end of the week.

        I am too familiar with the symptoms of bronchitis, because I have had it many times throughout my life, usually at least once per winter. But this season I thought I was in the clear, as most of our winter was very mild — with the exception of a two day hurricane force snow blizzard that hit the day after Christmas and knocked our electric out for 21 hours, plunging our indoor temperature to barely above freezing. My husband got sick then, but somehow I did not.

        Now, however, our weather is warm and spring like, and I am sick, lol.

        1. Oh that’s so ironic! lol
          wow sounds like that blizzard was awful! where is the usa are you? my dad’s side of the family are there too and reported such terrible conditions! it’s a wonder you stayed well for all of that and now spring is supposedly here you’re sick! lol get better soon my dear:) Update: apparent the lettings agency sent someone to repair my window- it smells of something but I cant see any visible signs of work done. we will know for sure tonight! Hugs, xxx

          1. I am in New Mexico, just a few miles west of the Texas border. The Goliath blizzard was the worst I have ever experienced. A train was blown off the tracks just outside of town, several giant trees and three huge grain silos were blown down. Many buildings were badly damaged. In fact, we had to get a new roof for our house. But we survived!

            On my older blog, I have some pictures that I took just after the blizzard. Here is the link:

            I am feeling a bit better now, although I have spent most of the day in bed. How are you doing? I am glad your window was repaired, I hope they did it right!

            My husband and I own our house, so we have no one to blame but ourselves — and lack of money — for the poor condition it is in.

            It is nice chatting with you. ((HUG))

          2. Wow Linda, that blizzard looks horrendous! just saw the images! yikes!
            a train blown off the tracks! that’s just crazy!
            Glad you’re feeling much better today- sometimes rest can do so much in helping us to recuperate. I hope one day I will own a house too. Forecasters say for London it’s getting harder and harder for this generation to every purchase their own homes with rising house prices and low salaries.
            It’s been awesome chatting with you too! it’s helped me so much to cope, thank you so much for that! 🙂 x Hugs x

  2. OMG I just emailed you and decided to click on the link to your blog. I hope you get “better” soon, real soon, my dear friend. Were you admitted to the hospital???? Those living conditions must be improved. Get tough with em, girlfriend, and stand your ground!!!! Unbelievable living conditions. No wonder you’re so sick and how can you get better with that cold air blowing in on ? you rest and get better. Hope to hear from you soon. Hang in there, girl. Peace, love, and HUGS…….Miss Ali Cat!
    Peace out,
    You know who 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Tammy Tams! at work now but will reply when I get home later from work. Starting to feel very unwell again and may need to drop by hospital again later 🙁 Hope you’re well my lovely.
      Love Ali (peacing out:D) xxx

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