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Medication Journeys


When it comes to medication and finding what works, each of us must embark on our own individual journeys.

They will consist of highs and lows. And oh the lows can be disconcerting, particularly when we start out hopeful that we’ll to gain the help we need to manage our conditions, only to find the meds don’t work, and that we have to try another new one. Then another new one. Then another.

It’s a long road but one we can walk with a glimpse of faith and hope. In the end these are the real medicines that will help us find the courage and strength we need to persevere until we encounter the pills (and whatever else it is we need) that will work for us.

This video from Buzz Feed’s Story of my Life documenting one woman’s struggle with finding the right medicine speaks to me. It might speak to you too, if your experience has been anything like mine.

Journeys are oftentimes imperative to our growth. In seeking a solution to a problem, we embark on a sojourn  and we don’t always find the answers we were hoping to. BUT, the journey itself often is life-changing, providing a different kind of answer to our predicaments

“I can hold myself accountable for the strength of trying”

Gentle Hugs x


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