Hot weather & swollen limbs (4 Ways to reduce swelling in the Summer)

Photo by Sheri
Photo by Sheri

I must confess. I have a love-hate relationship with Summer (please don’t smack me).

After much consideration, I decided to risk writing this. Of course I don’t want to offend all the summer lovers who count down the days to the season.

I feel guilty. But the awful truth is that I suffer in hot temperatures.

Already, I’ve had to stock up on my water retention tablets.

My limbs start swelling. My ring was stuck on my finger some days ago, because my fingers ballooned. Meanwhile, I was compelled to squeeze my puffy feet into my shoes which are now tight (thankfully at least my feet can get into my shoes at the moment- knock wood). 

Then there’s the excessive sweating (I keep a washcloth in my handbag but I’m discouraged from using it by the constant stares from members of the public). Sometimes people ask “are you alright?”

With fibromyalgia

I imagine other people have these issues too but from speaking with other fibromyalgia patients, these symptoms seem to affects us more.

I’m not a doctor, but according to this explanation, when we’re in hot temperatures, our peripheral circulation opens up to help control our temperature. We perspire more heavily and can consequently become salt-depleted. The loss of salt reduces the ability of veins to draw back blood from the tissues, leaving the fluid in the limbs, resulting in swelling.

This is a recurring problem for me, and it started since Spring. It has only exacerbated with the rising temperatures.

Here are four ways to alleviate swelling:

  • Try to stay cool
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid prolonged periods of sitting. Take a short exercise break.
  • Limit salt intake to avoid water retention

Not fun. So I beg your pardon if I don’t look too overjoyed basking in the sun. Hopefully my water retention tablets will help so I can enjoy some the good weather before it ends, and we start pining for it all over again.

Gentle Hugs:)

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