The little things that hurt

Photo by Jason Eppink
Photo by Jason Eppink

Ouch! my finger caught a splinter!

I forgot how much these tiny buggers can hurt.

I spent endless amounts of time poking at it trying to pull it out. I used baking soda, then hydrogen peroxide to try and draw it out. Eventually, it came out. My sore finger will be ok.

But it made me think, how little things can hurt us so much in life.

Recently someone tried to use my illness as a weapon against me, to manipulate and inflict pain. It hurt a lot because I had trusted the person enough in the past to share about my condition and fight with them. 

But like the splinter that came out, that hurt will pass too. And also, like the splinter, I have ensured I’ve removed that person from my life.

As I have said in the past it is imperative that we stay away from people who don’t bring anything good to our lives. We are already encumbered by pain day in day out, the last thing we need are people who judge or mistreat us in any way. That brings more pain because stress and all that exacerbates fibromyalgia and the other conditions that affect us. The splinter episode gave me food for thought and reminded me of that all important truth. I hope your lives are filled with only good people who add value and goodness.

Hope you are well.

Gentle Hugs 🙂

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