Pins and pain

Photo by Brett Weinstein
Photo by Brett Weinstein

As I write, there is a single pin under my feet.

Actually, it could be a needle or something… I don’t really care what it is. All I know is it’s sharp and it hurts, darn it.

Ok, so not literally, but I tell you, it sure feels like it!

I was carrying on with some work online, when all of a sudden this sharp, distressing pain poked the sole of my feet so hard, that the pain shot right up to my chest! then my chest started itching! :-/

Fibromyalgia can be so weird at times.

It’s so so hard sometimes…

I’ve been rubbing it to try and ‘remove’ the pin, but everytime I touch it, the pain would travel up my body again, then my chest would start itching.


I’m really thankful that I can now laugh about the F-word. I couldn’t always do it. I used to be miserable and blue all the time. Now I tackle it in an entirely different way but sometimes I really feel like having a good scream.

My feet have been swollen for weeks now, and don’t dare me to see the doctor who says ‘swelling of the feet is not an emergency’ or ‘there’s really nothing I can do.’ Nevermind I struggle to get my puffed up feet into my flats, or that I can’t stand for too long.

It is hard because I am doing all the right things that I didn’t know years aback when I was first diagnosed. I have to conclude that I am still recovering from the change in season, which tends to result in a flare of my symptoms.

Hopefully, as the seasons change, my feet and pain will take a different turn.

I hope you are well, and basking in the beauty of Spring:)

Gentle Hugs:)

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