Useless doctors

Image by Mike Licht
Image by Mike Licht

“Swollen feet and ankles are not an emergency, you can wait until next week to see your GP” said the doctor in a flat tone on the phone.

Never mind the pain and discomfort with walking or trying to get my shoes on my ballooned feet.

It really bothered me to think that every time I have been to the GP in the past years they take a non nonchalant attitude towards my health.

Requests for referrals to the Fibromyalgia clinic or for help with health issues that are affecting my day to day life have equally been treated with a casual ‘do more exercise’, ‘eat healthy or ‘try breathing exercises.’

Never mind I do all of these already or that my test for inflammation in the body came back with a high reading. Whenever I can I try to take charge of my health by using natural techniques or remedies so when I reluctantly drag myself to the seemingly purposeless surgery, it is because I really really need help.

Fat and rich off my money

Help however, is rarely forthcoming, unless I’m willing to fork out my pence to see a private practitioner. Doctors nowadays seem more bent on trying to save money so they don’t want to refer or spend the time treating you properly.

Never mind the money I pay every month in taxes to the National Health Services, so that I can get decent treatment when I am unwell.

Never mind.

I’m pretty pissed off as you can tell. A couple friends share in my concerns as they too have not been treated decently when pleading with their doctors for help. When did doctors get so heartless? Why bother train as a doctor if you have no real interest in helping patients? to get fat and rich off hard working tax-payers? Damn you.

Rant over. I’m headed for an epsom salts bath.

Gentle hugs:)

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  1. I’m sorry you are going through this. I don’t know how the system works in the UK, but it makes me glad that I do have a choice in my Drs and when I run into that kind of attitude I can walk away.

    1. Thanks a lot Julie. It is really frustrating. Experiences here can really vary, depending on the surgery. But in recent years GP surgeries have really been getting ridiculous in a bid to save money. It annoys me because I pay money towards the NHS. I’m still thankful I don’t have to pay a lot more to see a doctor privately because it was really costly when I went to the doc in New York. But… some real service would be nice even if the system is supposed to be ‘free.’

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