Fight on

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th” – Julie Andrews


I’ve been in a dark, frightening pit. 

And from feedback I’ve been getting from readers and other fibromyalgia patients, lots of our friends out there are struggling too.

I’m trying to deal with yesterday’s traumas, plus today’s longstanding problems, including my health. My knees have gotten so weak and sore, and I have a flare of other fms symptoms. All winter, the hot water and heating in this flat have hardly worked, so I’ve been grappling with keeping the flu at bay. Finally, everything came crashing down. The flu has come wanting to knock me over, coughing hurts everything, my head wants to explode, and the pain is unbearable.

I’ve been struggling to get out of bed. I’ve had to compel myself to imagine how beautiful it must look outside, when the rays of sun shine through my window.


I’ve had to force myself to walk, to lift my heavy legs, one after the other so that I can get things done. Persevere despite the intellectually challenged and inconsiderate people we cross daily.

I pushed myself to have more Epsom salts baths to help my painful body; To eat when chewing hurts, and my tummy turns with cramps from irritable bowel syndrome.

And I’ve had to force myself to remember that tomorrow will be better. It might not be tomorrow, tomorrow. But definitely tomorrow will be brighter.

I’ve thought of you and I wanted to remind you as well; that things might be bad and we might be flat on our faces, but it won’t last. It cannot last. Even the longest rope has an end.

The best part is, we don’t walk this road alone. It is scary and isolating being in a dark hole where there is no light. But we are never alone; And when we see that some of our friends have been able to rise up, we remember that we can too. We will rise too.

Gentle hugs:)

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  1. Hi its only a brief comment for now.
    Keep being brave my friend life is very hard for us Fibromites Lord knows. Keep going dear Alisha. Gentlest of hugs.X

  2. Thinking of you Alisha – it comes and goes and comes and goes – hang on in there love the going is imminent. Love and Light – M xx

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