Hi there!

I hope you’re doing well.

Today was a very trying day.

I woke to the news of Shamaai el-Shabbagh’s murder.  I wondered what they’d tell her 5 year old. She had after all, only gone to lay flowers in respect of the dead. Now she is among them.

Every day we fight battles of our own but we must not forget the people in the world also fighting battles on our behalf. Whether it is so we can have a voice, be free to believe whatever we choose or simply have a chance to live. Maybe it’s not in your neighbourhood or it might seem worlds from where we are, but the people who fight for good in the world all want the fundamental things that we want.

I’m now having a terrible flare with severe pains in my face and jaw. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

I also wanted to share this interview I did with Julie from Counting My Spoons. 

Gentle hugs x

2 Replies to “Hello”

  1. Depression is cruel and unyielding. In Fibromyalgia, it seems to be relentless. It’s not enough to take our pills, try to eat right, we need more. We need action. The action of G.Ps and other Medical care staff to show they are willing to stand beside us and help us. Really help us.
    Sympathy and empathy would be a good start.
    Take care.

    1. You’re right M.S
      Support is important in fighting depression. Unfortunately a lot of GPs and medical professionals nowadays are watching the clock when we visit. I am a strong advocate of talking therapies as I think they are useful but I think we also need to have supportive family and friends to help us in our fight.
      Thanks for stopping by, take good care:)

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