How are you?



How have you been?

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit scarce lately. Fibromyalgia has been beating the crap out of my body. That, mental exhaustion, low mood and the world’s poo has been too much to manage.

I’ll be posting again soon (when I’m out of survival mode)

Remember to take your vitamins, eat fresh (no processed stuff) and avoid intellectually challenged people (aka idiots sent to test us).

Gentle hugs:) x

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  1. I’ve been in survival mode the last several days also. I’m feeling better today. I can actually walk without the pain kicking my a_ _. Do you ever get the pain in your feet? I plan on joining the rec center at the university here. main reason. they have a pool. And i’m hoping the swimming will do some good. What are your thought? I’ve been having to take the muscle relaxer meds a lot lately. makes me really drowsy. thanks for listening.

    1. No worries Mary Jo. I am here whenever you need an ear. I think the swimming will do you good. One of my best friends swims and she says it helps fibro. I can’t swim but as soon as I can I will take some classes. If you have a bath, you can also soak in the tub with hot water and epsom salts. It’s really good for the pain. I used to suffer alot with my feet (also because of plantar fascitis) and I was scared when the doctor mentioned surgery if steroid injections didn’t work:-/ I completely changed my diet, cut out junk and processed foods and stuck to fresh fruit and veg, I had gotten a job around the same time and it was forcing me to get the only exercise I ever got outside of physio. I will look for some of those exercises for you but if you google exercises for plantar fascitis they should come up. I ate lots of oily fish and took supplements and it really made a huge difference. I never went anywhere near those injections or that surgery! I hope you will find relief soon. Let me know how you get on xxx

  2. Hi
    I want to swim hope its not too late as my fibromyalgia is a lot worse since I had a medical procedure performed on my womb a while ago.
    Take care all
    Kind wishes , d x

    1. I’d love to take swimming classes but I cant afford them at the moment. Soon as I can I will though. I imagine it is quite therapeutic and I always loved going to the beach back on the island where I grew up. It’s not too late, jus check with your doc that’s enough time has passed after the procedure:)
      Hugs and love x

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