The Will to …

Photo by me
Photo by me

In early December I will self publish my first novel. 

I’m still quite busy preparing for that, though it’s a pretty small affair.

I’ve been thinking about it. The whole thing. First, I didn’t think it would actually happen with all the health and life challenges. I mean, I was writing things and then forgetting what I’d written thanks to fibrofog. I know people say ‘sure that happens to everyone’ but this is different. I couldn’t remember words I used often, I got confused and then I found it hard to concentrate on top of all the pain and exhaustion.

In hindsight, I’m not sure how I did it. I’ve been so exhausted, in pain and fed up.

I have this weird thing where I must finish anything I start. So there’s that but there’s also the love behind the story. I wrote it for my grandparents and I really wanted to give it to them as a token.

I’m marveling at the thought. That we are so much stronger than we think or imagine. And often, if we find the right motivating factors our will shows itself to be bigger and far more indomitable than any challenges we face.

Keep on fighting.

Gentle hugs 🙂 x

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  1. I totally understand what you are talking about. I found myself doing that regularly with the research papers I was writing this last semester. I’d write a paragraph and couldn’t tell you a thing that I’d wrote, go back and do it again. Then a couple of days later when I went to reread what I’d written I’d be completely surprised that I’d written that, because honestly as I was writing it I was pretty sure I had no idea what I was even writing. I do it on my blog, too. I’m surprised I don’t end up just re-writing the same blog post over and over again.

    1. I sometimes think I might have written certain blog posts already as well! o_O
      It’s really frustrating when I am trying to understand something I’ve read or explain something in writing and I just cannot find the words. Terrible but we fight on x

      1. That’s why I enjoy reading other blogs. Often I find that someone else has managed to put words to something that I’ve been knawing around in my head for a while. That’s often the case with the Sunday inspiration posts.

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