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My first novel


Coming Soon 


I wrote this post and published it with no content but then I thought I should explain one thing.

Some of you may be wondering what publishing my first novel has to do with fibromyalgia and depression and the whole she bang.

Well, everything.

The short explanation is that writing this story was a magnificent coping mechanism when fibromyalgia and depression etc were too much for me. After I’d given up on life and almost walked through death’s doors, I realised that there was a chance I might be wrong and while looking for the right help to get me better, I needed something to keep me going. I’ve always said, there is no one size fits all solution to our health issues but this worked for me. The process of writing a story that I dedicated to two people who I love very much.

That’s the short of it. One of these days, I’ll tell you the longer version.

Gentle hugs:) xxx

Alisha Nurse is a curry-loving writer & comms professional who holds a Master of Arts Degree in Journalism (International) from the University of Westminster, London. Get in touch with any feedback or questions via the contact form in the 'About' section.

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