Types of fibromyalgia pain & my remedies

Photo by Steven Depolo
Photo by Steven Depolo

This is a quick post, but today I was thinking of the various kinds of pain we have with fibromyalgia.

I was thinking on it partly because I was experiencing two different kinds of pain across my body! I thought it might be useful to highlight these as well as what works and doesn’t work for me as remedies. Remember I am not a doctor, and these are simply my experiences, not meant to override what your health professional has advised (see disclaimer below on main page).

The throbbing pain

The affected area feels like it’s pulsating to a rhythm, annoyingly.

What works

I have a habit of trying to ignore this pain for as long as I can until I can’t bear it anymore then I pop a Pregabalin in my mouth; Woodlock oil, Phorpain gel.

The travelling pain

It moves (or at least feels like it’s moving) from one location to another. Today it’s in my fingers flowing up to my elbows, before beating (annoyingly) on my shoulder tips.

What works

Don’t laugh but it actually helps me to flap my arms around or whatever body part is hurting like this. I have a good stretch and move the body part (in this instance my arm) in a circular motion and repeat until some of the tension is released. The pain then seems a bit more bearable.When it doesn’t ease, I head for my Woodlock oil, or Phorpain gel.

The burning pain

I usually get this one under the soles of my feet (also attributed to plantar fascitis) and in my knees. Now, initially I used to get this burning in the early mornings or when my feet were up, and they’d feel like they were on fire! It was very distressing and made walking very painful. I couldn’t walk more than a few steps without limping badly, and wanting to breakdown from the pain. I thought it was a decline from thereon but great things are indeed possible. The physio recommended special insoles for my shoes but my then GP insisted before we got to that point, I needed steroid injections under the feet (errr, excuse me?) and then if that didn’t work, surgery. I was scared to say the least, but I wasn’t going to do either, because neither had a proven track record to suggest I’d be better off.

What works

I started eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, I lost some weight, got myself some arched insoles from a chemist and frequently soaked in hot water with epsom salts like Mama Claire advised. Now I am so much better, I don’t even need to use the walking stick, not even on bad days!

The stabbing pain

The shooting pain that attacks you briefly but intensely. I get this in my feet sometimes, when I step off an escalator, then I’m walking with a bad limp, and burning afterpain in my feet. It’s excruciating and requires extreme measures. I pull out the Pregabalin and head under the duvet to rest.


This happens usually when I ambitiously embark on something that requires physical output, especially on a day when I’m achy or too exhausted. Sometimes happens too when my feet are up for too long, I’m in bed for too long or someone pokes me too hard. I find it  both funny and sad that sometimes I try to scratch my back and I hurt myself in the attempt. It’s not very difficult to make oneself sore with fibromyalgia, considering how sensitively our brains interpret pain.

What works

Soaks in the tub with epsom salt; a light, gentle rub on the spot with oils.

A combination of all of the above pains

I usually use a combined approach with all my fav remedies, added with prayers, crying for relief, prayers, sometimes taking a reluctant walk and getting a sleeping aid to help with rest.

We’re really quite strong to be dealing with all this, aren’t we?

Gentle hugs 🙂 x

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