Are my teeth falling out?

Photo by omgdilara
Photo by omgdilara

I swear I have healthy teeth. I try my best with them. Most of the time.

So I shouldn’t be feeling like my teeth are about to fall out due to the excruciating pain I’m having in my jaw. I can literally feel individual teeth throbbing from the pain at their roots. I’m reeling from pain in my jawline and cheekbones too.

Bloody fibromyalgia again.

Won’t you please give us a break sometime?

My friend always says it’s bad enough that we have to deal with fibromyalgia and skeptics, but to have all these varying symptoms that impact on our daily living, just feels like damn punishment.

Sorry, rant over.

Gentle hugs:)

2 Replies to “Are my teeth falling out?”

  1. I know how you feel. This is a horrible feeling, and add on top of that grinding. I thought every one of my back teeth were hanging on by the roots. The dentist thought I was crazy. 🙂
    I decided then that I would make sure I wasn’t clenching during the day or grinding during the night. It took awhile to break the habit, but the pain is definitely less now. Unfortunately, I still feel jaw and tooth pain for no reason…

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