5 Replies to “Why Self Harm? (Article)”

  1. As hard as it is for other’s to believe (those that don’t self harm), it is a huge release. A relief. It does make us feel “better” crazy as it may sound, it truly does. You can, no way, even begin to understand this, unless you are a member of this “club.” And, trust me, you do not want to become a member, either.

  2. True, but as you well know, so many people have trouble with empathy, as they think empathy and sympathy are one in the same. NOT. Yes, empathy would be nice. 🙂

    1. Yep that’s true. People still need to learn so much about empathy. Prof Brene Brown does amazing work on this. I hope one day we will get to that place where people have more of it xxx

      1. I love Brene Brown she is such a huge inspiration!!!!! She truly is an amazing woman, just like we are, we just don’t choose to acknowledge that quite yet…..One day we will…….. Peace out!!! 🙂

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