When there are no words

Photo by Robert Flake
Photo by Robert Flake

Sometimes we feel so much yet there are no words possible to convey what we live.

The burdens we suffer silently, trying to overcome.

It bothers me that so many people are hurting, feeling suicidal and being driven to suicide.

It distresses me because I know what drives one to the edge of that precipice. The desperation and the overbearing despair that seems never ending.

I want to save those of you in pain. But this road is such a rough, rocky one. I’m not always sure what to say because I don’t have the answers, I am trying to figure them out too. I do however think it’s important to know that you’re not alone. It’s taken me many years to stop feeling alone. We are never alone. And it is in sharing with each other that we find strength.

I found that while struggling to get out of the house various online support groups provided amazing support and friendships. Because one can identify with the struggle another is facing it creates strong empathy. I’ve seen how this moves us to help lift others out of their deep pits even when we are challenged by our own mountains. We find strength that we believe we don’t have.

Those are two important things to remember: seek out support in others who can relate to us and try to focus on helping and supporting others.

We laugh together and we cry together. We never walk through the storms alone.

Gentle hugs:)

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