Where you goin Daddy longlegs?

Photo by Ezra Freelove
Photo by Ezra Freelove

Can someone please tell these ubiquitous Daddy-longlegs to leave me alone?

Sorry, I could use the name Crane flies but ever since my flatmate told me what they’re called I’ve become amused by the name.

Anyway, back to the point, I wish they would be gone already.

They really creep me out. They’re always lolloping around aimlessly wherever I am.

I mean, just look at the length of those legs and how they move. Good lord :S

Recently, after a long night of making rotis my friend Neidi and I retired for the night only to fly off the bed screaming and running round the room like frantic maniacs, simultaneous trying to avoid and kill a Daddy-longleg, which refused to die.

Apparently they’re there’s so many of them because the weather has been mild and they’re an important food source for creatures that eat insects. Maybe that’s why the spiders in the UK have been bigger too this summer? Sighs….

Just some facts I came across while trying to find out the point of this frightening, anxiety triggering insect.  I thought perhaps if they had some incredible purpose I could become a little more accepting.


Somebody just take them away from me, pleasssseeeee?

Gentle hugs:)

N.B. No Daddy longlegs have been harmed in the production of this blog, but they will be if they get anywhere close to me!

2 Replies to “Where you goin Daddy longlegs?”

  1. I looove daddy longlegs! I think they’re cute (I’m probably few and far between, though.) The good thing about them is that they can’t pierce the skin of a human to bite them. The great thing is that I’ve never personally seen them TRY to bite me. I think they are the praying mantis’ of the spider kingdom.

    1. Wow! I can’t believe you love them! haha
      You’ve never experienced one jumping around on your skin have you? lol
      I know they can’t bite us but when they pop out of nowhere and surprise me they really get my anxiety going. But since I’ve had to face a whole load of them these past months I’m a little less scared 😀

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