Bloomin fibromyalgia and weight gain

I’ve forgotten how to lose weight, it seems.

My weight has always fluctuated dramatically. However once I crossed 25 everything changed. The cocktail of meds I take for fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety plus my bad habit of binging when my mood is low have been causing me to gain considerable weight.

I am eating alot less now (most of the time, except for occasionally allowing myself a treat) and I am still gaining weight constantly! I eat healthily, no junk, more proteins, less carbs and sugar and all that. Pregabalin helps me to manage my pain levels and it’s the first medication that’s really helped. But one of its side effects is weight gain.

Do I change it in a bid to lose weight? I have to think of how best to manage weight gain as that impinges on fibromyalgia too, causing more pressure on the knees and exhaustion for me. It would be nice to regain a better self image too. Or do I continue as is in the name of coping with pain. Mind you, the meds don’t rid me of pain entirely they mostly take the edge off making it bearable.

Oh the joys of bloody fibromyalgia. It really changes us, not only on the inside.

Gentle hugs 🙂

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  1. I feel you! I too have gained weight. I stopped taking all pain meds (fibro and chronic lower back pain from spinal fusion surgery, depression) – over the course of 2013 – and am doing okay in 2014, much better pain-wise without the opiates, as they caused preceived pain. Would never have believed it if it hadn’t happened to ME. But the weight gain and other GI trouble this year are my current battles. I’ve made dietary changes, but then I go crazy at times and eat whatever I want (emotions, loneliness)… I know I must incorporate more exercise into my routine, but so difficult with lack of sleep, aches, and upset tummy and sore joints. I’m trying now to set an alert on my phone to remind me to get my butt in gear and at least get out of the house and walk around the block. That small task has monumental benefits for my mental well-being – and that is where changes will take place. It just seems so impossible when I don’t feel well (almost all the time). Not sure of the answers, but I try to listen to myself, my intuition and instincts – instead of ignoring me. So… just sharing so you know you are not alone and the struggles we face can be made better by our own higher selves. I believe. Have a good day, and take care of yourself… deb xo

    1. Thanks so much Deb. It always helps to know I’m not alone in these battles. It’s frustrating to have to deal with so many symptoms plus things like weight gain!
      How do you manage when the pain gets bad?
      I cope some days without pain killers but there are others I absolutely must give in to be able to cope and not pull my hair out or else it causes other things like headaches and dizziness:-/
      I find exercise very hard as well but I always feel it would be a little easier if I had company.
      Thanks so much for your encouraging reply. Have a great week and keep in touch:) Alisha xxx

      1. I have found some things that work for pain… headphones and iPod are extremely valuable; the music in my ears distracts my pain… it’s as though my brain can’t process the music signals and the pain signals at the same time! Sometimes at night I fall asleep this way. In the evenings while watching tv I have a small sketchbook and black pens handy and I doodle. When I’m creating something like that it’s as though I’m creating a new energy and I simply cannot focus on pain. I also took a meditation class several months ago that taught me the basics of breathing, visualization etc and I participate in an online/conference call group that is a spiritual based raising your frequency and clearing your chakras and all that stuff (I find it hard to describe)… I always feel better afterwards. Until recently I also needed a chiropractor but in recent months I find that my back is doing better without it, although I do go for a massage about once a month. When I was going through withdrawal from pain meds I wrote a list in my journal of everything I could think of that would help me through pain episodes – a toolbox of sorts. Some things I wrote down were obvious, but in the throes of a very painful time it’s so hard to think of things that might help – all I can think about is the pain – so I can go to that last of things to do / people to call / etc. I also find that writing, whether in my journal or writing poetry or stories for my blog completely take me away (and pass time until I’m in a better place). Time really flies when on the computer, so to get through a very bad day I’ll frequently spend time reading other peoples blogs and looking at their art etc. I hope this helps, as it has helped me. These things also take my mind off chocolate-chip cookie cravings… LOL. Take care Alisha.

        1. LOL re:chocolate chip cravings. I struggle with this too Deb lol.
          I find it particularly tough on week days when I have to work or function. I sometimes hold up better on weekends when I can lie in bed and do something relaxing. You’ve convinced me to consider trying a meditation class. I’ve resisted it for years. Will look for those blogposts on your site too:) Thanks so much Deb:) and good luck with resisting the chocolate chip cookies:) Take care hun xxx

          1. I switched to the natural form of gabapentin which is GABA and 5-htp instead of cymbalta and I am feeling much better! The cymbalta made me crazy! Best of luck to you and your friend!

  2. Hi I have fibromygia and spondylitis I on alot meds also morphine patch without these I felt like I was going crazy didnt go out anywhere stayed in bed cryed all the time i had to do something about it so my life as changed as now I go gym two to three times a week this keeps me going it kills me to do it and have to breath through the pain as I work out I sometimes wonder how people feel when they work and how they are different to me . Whether they feel same pain as I do. I go weight watchers to keep eye on my weight I hate seeing it go up when I go gym I carnt get my head around it all when i eat healthy I have lost two stone but just lately its not moving at all I come to stand still on it its crazy how this condition can effect everyone like this there should be more out there to help us all out but without gym god knows where my health b at cause my docs was realy worried about me as I was heading for mental break down I was in a right mess it was horrible but its surprising how u can turn your life around through abit excersize xxx

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