Mop me up

Photo by Jeffrey Montes
Photo by Jeffrey Montes

This evening was warm but I was felt I was appropriately dressed in a short dress and stockings, so I didn’t take a handkerchief.

Twas a mistake I will never repeat!

Those of you friends who also live with fibromyalgia might also experience the crazy changes in body temperature that cause us to sweat profusely and, at other times respond rather contradictory to the weather. Apparently it’s down to some dysfunction with the area of the brain that also controls sleep and bowel movements (damn you insomnia and IBS).

By the time I got to church I was drenched. I went through a packet of face tissues trying to elegantly mop up my face and neck.

I am one of those few people who don’t mind winter. My skin is much better then and I suffer less acne breakouts. But, I don’t look forward to it, only because I tend to sweat bucket loads! I mean beads of sweat streaming down my face for no apparent reason. I am more prone to this in the mornings and while eating.

Needless to say I get lots of stares.

I’ll never forget, I was on a date last year, when he took the tissues and tried mopping me up himself. Sweet, but embarrassing.

Somebody, a doctor, researcher, anybody please, find a way to help us fix our broken body ‘thermostats’!

Gentle hugs:)

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