Living for others


Cheryl making fresh juices
Cheryl making fresh juices


 Only a life lived for others is worth living – Albert Einstein


In our own struggles we can sometimes forget others. It’s a human thing.

But to remember others while we are in the midst of storms, makes life worth living.

Sometimes we might think we have nothing to give, but that’s not true. We always have something to give. It may not be material. It might be a meal, encouragement, time… It might be love.

My friend Cheryl moves me. Cheryl lives with a genetic condition that’s caused intestinal failure. As a result she has to be fed through a tube in her neck. It is not an easy life.

But C has always gone of her way to help others. In my own moments of being unwell C has been more than a friend, ringing my GP, checking up on me daily, getting me vitamin supplements and encouraging me.

Volunteering for charity

C’s declining health has recently compelled her to retire from her nursing job, so she decided to volunteer to a good cause.

C completed a nutrition course and along with her 14 year old daughter Clodagh, she’s running a juice bar making healthy smoothies at the Shenley Wood Extra Care Village for retired people.

The juice bar is opened to the public as well.

For £1.00 a cup you can get a lovely fruit and nut special with apple juice, brazil nuts, almonds and dried blueberries. Or if you don’t fancy that, there are other combinations which C makes on the spot.

All the proceeds go to the Shenley Wood gym.

C’s juice bar is doing so well she now needs a commercial juicer and blender.

If you’d like to make a donation of appliances or have enquiries contact C on foot or call her on 07763 110990.

I received much, so much from others themselves in need. And this kindness and sacrifice restores some hope that there is still love in the world. Thank you darling Cheryl.

Gentle hugs:)

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